Tobacco Magic Flavor Enhancer

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Tobacco Magic Flavor Enhancer

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Tobacco Magic Flavor Enhancer (additive only)

This is a additive, it is not E-liquid: Do not vape directly

The proprietary blend of flavorings will help boost the background notes of tobacco flavors while mellowing out dominate top notes to produce a smooth rounded full-bodied taste. This will also remove some of the sweetness. Recommended to add to fresh tobacco E-Liquid to help while steeping.

Tobacco Magic™ is NOT for everyones taste. 

Tobacco Magic™ has a natural dark color that will darken your E-Liquids.

Tobacco Magic™ helps smooth out the dry taste and remove some of the harsh bite from tobacco flavors.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add 2-3 drops per 5ml of E-liquid. Shake and adjust for taste if needed. (A 7ml bottle contains approx. 275 drops.)

This is an additive, it is not E-liquid: Do not vape directly

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